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Schell Cooley LLP is a law firm in Dallas (Addison, Texas). At Schell Cooley LLP, we believe that effective representation demands specialization. We are trial attorneys.

Our practice areas include:

Our success in jury trials is public record, and we believe it is unmatched in the Southern United States. The reputation we have earned for successfully trying cases often facilitates cost-effective settlements in the early stages of litigation.


Ours is not a "cookie cutter" approach to case development. We recognize that each case is unique and of overriding importance to our clients, therefore we focus on your individual needs by:

  • Asking questions
  • Listening to your answers
  • Identifying your objectives
  • Probing the issues
  • Getting the facts
  • Working together effectively

At Schell Cooley LLP, we believe in doing what we do best ... defending our clients. We know what it takes to try a case successfully because that is our specialty. All of our partners have significant trial experience. In addition to our vast trial experience, each case is supervised by a partner who has specific insight into your industry. When it is time to go to trial, you will have a proven team on your side. We believe that our unconventional approach to each case is one of the major keys to our high success rate.


As civil trial specialists, we understand that optimum resolution is not always achieved in the courtroom. Trial is not always the answer and other options may be more effective. Our lawyers are keenly aware of precedent-setting cases and changing legislation that continually impact the legal system. Our experience and expertise help us determine what avenues should be exhausted before courthouse resolution. We work arduously to make alternative dispute resolution solutions successful when appropriate. With years of experience in our specific fields, we are able to develop innovative yet practical solutions that firms with a broader focus may overlook.

Cost-effective representation demands early identification of issues that should not be litigated.

Lawyers who frequently try cases to verdict are able to more effectively differentiate between cases that demand courtroom resolution and those in which other approaches are more appropriate.


At Schell Cooley LLP, our knowledge and experience translate into client value. Our expertise enables us to more efficiently accomplish the job and achieve the desired results. In short, you receive excellent quality representation with the benefit of lower total fees.

We are committed to moving matters to conclusion as quickly and effectively as possible. You hire a firm for its existing expertise. We know the right questions to ask—the ones that are material and pertinent to the issues. Our experienced staff performs routine tasks to give you cost-effective litigation management. Our billing is timely, accurate, fair and fully itemized.


We know that client satisfaction depends on more than a single favorable outcome. The working relationship is also a critical component of long-term confidence and satisfaction. We want you to feel comfortable with the work we are doing and the litigation process. We work to satisfy your individual needs and will handle your case in compliance with the litigation management guidelines your company has instituted.

Responsiveness is another of our greatest strengths. We communicate with our clients. All phone calls are promptly returned. You will receive timely and substantive reports. We keep you informed and, of equal importance, we are accessible.

At Schell Cooley LLP, we have one priority: achieving positive results for our clients. Our success is a direct result of client satisfaction.


  • Total quality
  • Results
  • Expertise
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Your needs




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