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Schell Cooley LLP's Appellate Law Practice provides counseling and representation to clients in both the Texas and the United States Appellate Court systems.  As appellate lawyers, we represent clients in challenges to decisions of law and evidence supporting the ultimate outcome of a case. Schell Cooley LLP believes the appellate process is critical to protecting our clients' right to a correct judgment.  For that reason, we have appellate advocates with significant experience practicing before the Texas Appellate Courts, the Texas Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Services provided by this Practice include:

  • Handling appeals in cases conducted by the firm's litigation practice, including:
    • Appeals from jury trials
    • Appeals from non-jury trials
    • Appeals from summary judgment and dismissals
    • Interlocutory appeals
    • Petitions for writ of mandamus
    • Restricted appeals
    • Bills of review
  • Assumption of or assisting in appeals in cases other firms have managed at the trial court level. We partner efficiently, effectively and collegially with trial counsel, corporate counsel and in-house counsel. We know that strong teamwork ensures the best results for our clients.
  • Assisting litigation counsel with discovery issues that may implicate appellate concerns, privilege disputes, expert witnesses, jurisdictional challenges, petitions for writs of mandamus, dispositive motions, jury instructions, judgments, and post-trial motions.
  • Monitoring trials and appeals.
  • Preparing Amicus Curiae├┐ briefing in important cases.
  • Providing assistance with post-trial mediation and other post-verdict settlement options.

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