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Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation

Schell Cooley LLP's Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation Practice provides aggressive defense of clients as well as counseling regarding planning, prevention and industry education. We believe our clients in this practice deserve forward-thinking lawyers who will provide zealous yet efficient representation. The firm defends various corporation and consumer product companies in court against class actions brought under state and/or federal law.

In addition, the Firm defends cases in which numerous claimants allege injury from either the same occurrence or chemical exposure. The attorneys in this Practice have experience defending claims arising out of exposure to asbestos, complications purportedly arising from breast implants, and complications allegedly arising from the use of mouthwash products.

In many of these cases, science or medicine lies at the root of the issue. At Schell Cooley, LLP, we work closely with clients and experts to ensure the most complete understanding of the scientific and technical issues at play in the case. This enables us to cross-examine plaintiffs and experts effectively during depositions and ultimately to present the jury with a case that is comprised of both clarity and credibility.

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